About us

Aviance Aviation Technics is an independent provider of aviation services in Africa.

In partnership with our U.S. based strategic partners, Aviance Global  and Pulsar Aviation Services , our offerings include bespoke and standard services from a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning solutions and aftermarket expertise.

Our customers include commercial, private and military operators.

Our goal is to help these customers increase efficiency and safety, whilst reducing costs.

Aviance Aviation Technics (AAT) and Aviance Global Inc. (AGI) together referred to as Aviance. AAT with its head office in Nigeria and affiliates offices in the United State of America. Aviance Aviation Technics in partnership with Aviance Global Inc. is one of the world’s leading independent aircraft engineering and maintenance groups.

Through its partnerships and alliances with other professional MRO around the world, the Group offers a full spectrum of services including airframe services, line maintenance services, component services, engine services, inventory technical management, fleet technical management, cabin solutions, private jet solutions, freighter conversion, parts sourcing and technical training.

Other specialised service include Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services for Maritimes sectors, Agricultural work, Fire fighting, goods transport, and Surveillance Solutions using the most & unique low cost UAV in the World.

Aviance, as referred to in the industry, aim to provide complete support to each of its valued customers, ensuring the unswerving quality, reliability and availability of their fleets. It strives to become the MRO of choice for its airline customers, building on its capabilities and expanding its service offerings in response to new generation aircraft, aviation industry changes and the evolving needs of its customers. The size of the Group’s operations affords multiple cost savings, which are passed on to customers, providing them with excellent value for money.

Aviance is certified with FAA and EASA approved repair stations which specialize in the test, repair and overhaul of Accessories (Electrical and Mechanical), Avionics/Instruments, Pneumatics and Power Generation components for commercial, regional and military aircraft applications. Our highly trained technical team is dedicated to aviation safety by providing all of our customers the highest quality component repairs in the aviation community.

Aviance looks forward to becoming your best component repair partner and sharing our mission to supply all of our customers with the finest quality, service and turn-around-times in the industry.